Build Awesome Life-Size

Vehicles Together!

The ultimate gift for your family! One Kit, unlimited creations!

Sustainable, educational and above all endless fun!

  • Like Lego and Meccano,

    but life-size

  • Real scooters, balance bikes, cars, catapults, cranes, swings and more.

  • 1 box - 10 years of playing and riding

Build awesome life-size vehicles together!

Play together!

Bigo connects kids across ages, and invites parents to join in on the fun.

Durable! It is made for children, but it can withstand even adults (super hard birch from the north, industrial bolts 
of 8 mm)

Let your children experiment

and use their creativity to bring big ideas and thoughts to life

It is extremely important for a child to learn how to explore the world around him. They need to learn how to create, try, experiment, and not just to consume the finished product!

Motor skills

form the basis for healthy development

Bigo connects kids across ages, and invites parents to join in on the fun.

Save money while saving the planet

  • litters the planet
  • toxic
  • disposable toys interest is losing in a couple of hours
  • 100% eco
  • friendly safe
  • no chemicals
  • 100% splinter-free

Clear digital instructions like in IKEA

adults build,

children ride

children assemble,

adults help

children assemble


Choose the appropriate kit




1-8 years
1-12 years
1-12 years
Number of models
> 300
> 400
> 500
Scooters, running bikes, cars
Twistercats, wheelchairs, carts, swings, jack, chairs
Catapult, cranes, wigwam, hut, shelving
Models with a drive through the rotation of handles and gears
Large tank, loader, jeep, etc.
Large helicopter, airplane, boat, rocket, ship, ballista
One Kit provides fun for an entire childhood
Empowers your family to be makers instead of consumers
Gives children a technical skill set for the future
A truly durable 
and sustainable construction
And... saves you hundreds of dollars
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The 5c’s 21st century skills


Using your imagination and available resources to create something new.
Enhance your creativity by using our modular parts to create your own rides or any other construction you can think of.


Working together on a shared goal.Show initiative, cooperation and flexibility.
Building a ride together means figuring out how to divide the work and helping each other to complete this awesome goal in the best way possible.


Successfully conveying or sharing ideas, thoughts, questions & solutions.
Creating your own life-size ride is not a small feat and requires a good deal of communication on all levels.

Critical Thinking

Analysing objectively and evaluating an issue in order to form a judgement and solve problems systematically.
Bigo will encourage your child to devise a building plan and come up with a systematic approach on how to do it.

Technical skills

Bigo introduces technique to children in an entertaining and accessible manner.
Learned basic engineering skills are a great asset for the rest of children's lives.


Can I buy the junior set and later buy parts for the senior one?

Certainly! You can purchase Upgrades from one set to another. Of course, buying a large set at once will be cheaper than buying in parts.

How durable is all this?

Depending on the assembled model, it can withstand from 30 to 70 kg. If you follow operating conditions and do not exceed maximum loads, it will last for many years without breakdowns. Of course, the wood can get dirty, scratched, and the plywood can chip, but this won’t really affect the functionality.

What tools are needed for assembly?

The kit contains all the necessary keys. There is no need to buy anything additional.

Can the child assemble it himself? Can an adult do it?

A child under 5 years old will watch how an adult assembles, bring parts, fool around, and, of course, ride the assembled models :), from 6-7 he will be able to assemble on his own and/or under the supervision of his parents.
An adult can definitely handle it :)
You receive instructions electronically in your personal account and open them on your computer, tablet or phone. The instructions show general principles and detailed assembly of several models. The rest you create and invent yourself. You can be inspired by our models, or you can come up with your own.

How long does it take to assemble one model?

Models come in varying complexity. Simple models are assembled in 30-60 minutes. Models of average complexity in 1.5-3 hours. Complex models - 3-4 hours.

Are children interested in construction toys?

Yes, children usually immediately start screwing Yes, children usually immediately start screwing one thing to another and assembling for sake of assembling itself.

The adult’s task is to direct this process according to the desired scenario and to inform the child about instructions and principles of assembly.

Here’s another reason why the construction toys don’t get bored: when a child is no longer interested in one model, it is disassembled and a new one is assembled, which he perceives as a new toy. And so on ad infinitum :)